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Yer Mama’s Edible Indies Vol 1

Listening to the Nashville comedy duo Tubb n' Chubb's Fat Funk Fiesta always sends me down the college days memory lane. That glorious time preparing for the nine-to five job that destroys the soul and sucks all the life from us. But I digress…
Food was an all important part of that experience… nasty dorm food, delivered pizza, beer, day old pizza and those tasty, glorious, cooked on an illegal hot plate in the dorm room 10 cent ramen noodles that we could never survive without.
So whenever you need to forget about your evil supervisor who plays solitare all day on his computer and takes credit for all of your hard work and your co-workers who stab you in the back every chance they get. Pay a visit those by-gone days... crank up Hey Professor (No Guarantees) and cook yourself up some of my fancy ass Ramen :

Yer Mama’s Edible Indies Vol 1.1

 Sweet is good, but too sweet without substance just makes you feel ill. Like those candied soggy marshmallow topped yams your grandma makes for the holidays… Just like those sweet potatoes, sugary pop songs without interest also need to be accompanied with a shot of insulin. Then there are others that have depth that spin in your head for days after you hear them and always bring a smile. Candi Divine by Ripped from Toronto, Canada is just that kind of track.

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For sweet with substance you don’t have to wait for thanksgiving. Just whip up a batch of these Divine Candied Yams to accompany some braised pork chops, chicken breasts or for you vegetarians, tofu.

Yer Mama’s Divine Candied Yams
– Serves 8

1 bottle of your favorite Syrah

4 pounds red-skinned sweet potatoes (yams), peeled and diced in 1½ inch cubes set aside in a large mixing bowl.

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